Hydraulic Technology Dept. has been playing leading role in the development and application of hydraulic, lubrication and pneumatic technology and equipment for special and major projects in steel making such as dry de-dusting, vacuum refining and continuous casting. We have also been at the industry forefront in the development and application of proprietary hydraulic components, which are widely used in steel-making equipment and system.

We are capable for providing comprehensive services with research and development, technological innovation as well as equipment upgrading of hydraulic, lubrication and pneumatic system, making sure to solve technical problems and guaranteeing higher value added products for enterprises.

Manufacturing of mechanical & hydraulic equipment

Design and manufacturing of hydraulic and lubrication equipment

Digital synchronization traction pumping unit

Vacuum pump and nozzle

Forging operation machine/reclaimer

Crocodile type hydraulic shear

Hydraulic flanging machine used for processing tank

Manufacturing of mechanical and electrical integration products

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