Hot test of RiZhao No.3 RH Refining Furnace Runs Successfully

July 30,2019

Hot test of RiZhao No.3 RH refining furnace runs successfully on 13th May and complete double-station continuous production on 31st May.

No.3 RH refining furnace is the last set of RiZhao EPC project and symbolized the project successfully complete.

The EPC project contains three sets of RH refining furnace and all adopted mechanical vacuum pump system formed by Sino-heavymach. It’s the first time inland. The vacuum pump system has stable performance, reliable operation ability and energy-efficient. The system’s pumping speed is 1.1 million m?/hour, working vacuum degree below 67Pa, extreme vacuum degree can reach 2Pa.

The successful completion of EPC project also implicates that we have broken the market monopoly of foreign land.




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