Guangdong Nanfang Donghai Iron and Steel Co Ltd place a new Purchasing Order on Hot Strip Rolling to SINOMACH-HE

October 20,2020

A few days ago, SINOMACH-HE successfully signed a contract for the design, manufacture and supply of complete sets of 1650mm hot rolling project in Guangdong Nanfang Donghai Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. A very famous steel plant in southwest of China with the capacity of 10 million MTPa , located in Fachenggang city ,Guangxi province.

This contract is the one of larger single contract including engineering & design of mechanical, hydraulic electrical and automation, equipment manufacturing and supply, technical services providing etc. It has a good demonstration for the company to undertake major level hot strip rolling mill, medium plate, cold strip rolling and metallurgical equipment projects, other heavy equipment design and manufacturing projects in the future.

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