Hot Test of Dry Dedusting and Recovery System for 120T Converter was successfully done by SINO-HEAVYMACH in Wugang

October 20,2020

Recently, the 120 converter dry dust removal system of the Inner Mongolia Ulan Hot Iron & Steel Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Wugang"), a capacity replacement project undertaken by SINO-HEAVYMACH , succeeded in a one-time hot test. The project has adopted several core technologies, such as intelligent evaporation system developed by SINO-HEAVYMACH, evaporative cooler intelligent spray system, gas recovery differential pressure and switch valve position control, system flue gas flow and furnace differential pressure control and etc, which can effectively ensure the converter flue gas emission does not exceed 10mg/Nm. Furthermore, this project is also the first successful hot test project after the establishment of the Steelmaking Engineering Division of SINO-HEAVYMACH.



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