1# Alloy Steel Continuous Casting Machine project of HBIS Group ShiSteel Company passed Hot Test Successfully

December 15,2020

On November 9th, the hot test of 1# Alloy Steel Continuous Casting Machine Project of HBIS Group ShiSteel Company (Hereinafter referred to as “ShiSteel”) undertaken by Sino-heavymach was successful. As an EPC contractor of 1# and 2# CCM project of ShiSteel, Sino-heavymach is responsible for Civil engineering and construction, Equipment Design and Supply, Erection and Commissioning.


1#Alloy Steel Continuous Casting project of ShiSteel is a 200×200mm Six Strand Billet Continuous Casting Machine producing various high quality products with complex production process. This continuous casting mill adopts a number of advanced technologies, such as ladle argon blowing, mould liquid level automatic control, mould electromagnetic stirring and electromagnetic stirring at solidification end, billet dynamic soft reduction and heavy reduction, billet quenching and holding, billet automatic marking, tracking and evaluation of billet quality and energy metering of caster, etc. The equipment technical level has reached the domestic first-class. This CCM is intended for high quality special steel products in automobile, construction machinery, railway and rail transit, and other industries to meet the requirements of major national projects and high-end equipment manufacturing industry.



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