The Successful Hot Test of 2#RH in HBIS Group TangSteel

December 15,2020

Recently, 2#RH hot test of the 2×200t RH Refining Furnace EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract project of HBIS Group TangSteel undertaken by Sino-heavymach was successful. This project is another independent complete set of fully dry four-stage mechanical vacuum pump after the EPC project of Shaoguan 130tVD Refining Furnace, the 3×210tRH Refining Furnace of SD Steel Rizhao and the 120tVD Refining Furnace of Tangshan Nedium Thick Plate Co., Ltd. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, flexible operation, strong vacuum degassing ability, high degree of automation, applicable steel grades, stable operation, etc., which can effectively improve the purity of molten steel and enhance the quality of finished steel.


The actual pumping capacity of the vacuum system of this project is greater than 1.3 million m?/h, the limit vacuum degree is 1.0Pa, the processing vacuum degree is better than 50Pa, the vacuuming time is less than 4.5min, the power consumption per ton of steel is less than 3.0kwh, and the comprehensive performance has reached international advanced level.



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